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Polly-O String Cheese Crayola Co-Promotion

November 19, 2012

The subject co-promotion a few weeks ago, but never got around to writing about it.

Kraft has partnered with Crayola in a back-to-school program that leverages the equities of both brands.  The idea is that by purchasing a bag of Polly-O String Cheese you get $3 off of any Crayola products via a coupon inside the bag.

The Polly-O packaging was designed to look like a Crayola crayon box and even the individual packages of cheese look like crayons.  Below you’ll see a picture of a bag I opened (I was a bit rough with it).


They did a great job translating the both equities into the packaging.  Both brands are displayed with Kraft being more dominant than Crayola in terms of hierarchy, but that’s OK.  It’s a Kraft product and they shouldn’t make their brand play 2nd fiddle to another brand.  I think they could have done a better job with the individual packets and make the crayon image much bigger.

I wonder if there was a possibility to use food coloring to make the cheese look like an actual crayon.  That would have been really cool.  I’m no expert in producing cheese so I’m sure there was a reason they didn’t do it.

The promotion:

It has been my experience that promotions like these are very effective, especially when the equities are lined up so well.  Promotions where consumers are rewarded for a transaction are great sales drivers and can be used to launch new products (although I wouldn’t use this solely for new product launches).

Both brands target the same consumers, moms with kids between 6 – 12.  The usage of both products falls within the same day part: afternoons.  Both brands are wholesome.  It’s not like Crayola is risque or vice versa.  Also, at a very basic level, what child doesn’t need crayons?

If it weren’t for crayons my childhood would have been VERY boring.  Not to mention that I’m a heavy user of string cheese.  If i were a child now I would be begging my parents to buy this.  It’s a win win in my opinion.


One smart think that Kraft and Crayola are doing is to promote this via their web sites and Facebook.  Crayola goes so far as to offer activity pages that moms can print for their children to color.

So I’ll give kudos to both brands for a great partnership.  Hopefully, it is successful and they continue it next year.  I hope other brands start exploring more promotions like these in the future.


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