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Iams I’m not a Rabbit Commercial

November 25, 2012

Iams, the pet food brand, has released a new TV ad called “I’m not a rabbit.”  In it the brand states that they use 50% more animal proteinto their pet food than any other brand.

Here’s he ad:

It’s cute, but there is a big ol’ dab of psuedo-science mixed into the recipe.  Gluten is a protein; a protein is a chain of amino acids that is used by the body for a variety of purposes like moving molecules or creating a reaction.  There are different types of proteins, meaning animal versus plant (read: gluten) and some proteins may be more complete than others depending on how they are constructed; however, at the end of the day a protein is a protein.

Now, I know we’re talking about animals, but nutrients such as proteins are used in similar fashion so the logic still applies.  There is no science indicating that animal bodies can tell the difference between a plant protein and an animal protein and there is definitely no proof that a pet is better off consuming one versus the other.

If anything there is an argument that eating a plant protein would be more beneficial because plants do not come with the negatives of meat like cholesterol or fat.

So there is no evidence that Iams will be better for your pet than any other brand.  It’s kind of sad that they went with this message.  I think there are other ways of selling pet foods and other ways of differentiating your product.  They could say “We have 50% more protein than other pet food” or “We add x ingredient, which is proven to improve your pets growth from puppy to full grown dog.”

Hopefully, one of Iams’s competitors will realize this and pounce on it.

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