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Zoosk Commercial Review

January 15, 2013

I’ve been meaning to post for a while, but work and home life have gotten in the way of my blogging habits.

While I’ve been A.F.K. I saw a commercial that I love because it’s cute, but I hate at the same time, which I’ll explain below.

Zoosk,, is the romantic’s “Facebook.”  It describes itself as “the social network that helps members create and share their romantic journeys.”  From what I can tell the service is free and the interface is similar to Facebook.  You can even log in using your Facebook log-in and password.  There is an app on Facebook, along with an app for an iPhone/iPad, Twitter and YouTube page.

Apparently, the founders met in college and started a company doing market research.  They used their research technology to develop the Zoosk app and here they are.  Despite the fact that the company was started in 2007 it is ranked the number 3 dating site according to (see link below) right above eHarmony (when ranked by monthly visitors), which is 12 years old.

Being married I don’t follow dating sites, but I stumbled upon Zoosk’s commercial that aired before a YouTube video I was looking up.  Here’s the video.  I don’t know how old it is, but it was posted on 12/19/12 and has 13MM views.

I like this add because the heart does all the talking, the dialogue is funny.  Especially the part where he’s kissing the computer and the face he does at the end of his speech cracks me.  I love that the ad takes its time.  Liz hears her heart’s speech, reaches out to grab the cup and then responds.  I love the heart’s last like “Damn right I’m going to book the date.”  It cracks me up all the time.  The tag at the end about listening to your heart is a nice touch.

So that’s why I love the ad.  Here’s why I hate it.  It does nothing about selling Zoosk as a service versus other dating sites.  I watch a ad and I know how it works.  I watch eHarmony, who arguably does the best job explaining how the site works, and I get it.  I don’t know how Zoosk works after watching that ad.  I had to go to the site and figure out the interface and how it works.

That’s not good if you’re trying to raise awareness of your service.  I should have some idea how the site works and be enticed to sign up.  The ad doesn’t do  that at all.  Especially when you have very successful competitors like and eHarmony.  It doesn’t even say that it’s a “romantic’s social network.”  Why wouldn’t you use that in your ad?

How is Zoosk the “smart way to date?”  What does the heart have to do with the process?  I’m confused and that is called cognitive dissonance.  How are they going to resolve that?  They aren’t.

It seems like the brief that was given to the agency emphasized the cuteness of the ad instead of the objective.  Never sacrifice the objective for cuteness.  You just waste money.



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