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Superbowl 47 Ads

February 11, 2013

I am late with this post.  I thought I could live blog throughout the airing of Superbowl 47, but my wife thought it would be rude to our guests.

Because of my lateness I’m not going to review every single ad as that would be tedious and pointless given how late I am.  However, I will make a couple of comments and mention my favorite ad and the ad I disliked the most.

A couple of comments:

  • I still see that companies are enamored with the idea that they are advertising on the Superbowl that they shirk their responsibilities as brand managers and put out horrible ads.  An add is supposed to follow the A.I.D.A. concept and most of the ads did not do that.
  • I really don’t like the trend started by Chrysler with the 2-minute long ad featuring Eminem (a horrible ad on so many levels).  Now more companies are doing 1:30 to 2:00 minute ads that are no better (I’m talking to you Jeep and Budweiser).  The Samsung ad featuring Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd prattled on and on like a comedian who is telling you a joke, but never gets to the punch.
  • GoDaddy, please fire your entire marketing team and never do ads again.  Apologize to Danica Patrick while you’re there.  That ad was horrible and just because people were talking about it afterwards doesn’t make that a good thing.  Especially when all the talk was negative.
  • Although there were some bad ones the car ads did a little bit better than they have in the past.
  • The food and beverage category did a better job than they have in the past.

OK.  Here is my favorite ad:

Personally, I am a cookie guy.

The reason I feel that the Oreo ad was the best was because it got your attention and maintained it throughout the ad.  It was consistent with their cookie versus filling debate ads in the past.  It’s those two features of the product that give the brand it’s equity as they are very ownable.  Chips Ahoy can’t speak to filling versus cookie.  The ad is extendable.  They can easily carry this theme throughout their advertising and even include “wet (which milk) versus dry” and so on and so forth.

Here is my least-liked ad:

Although not a consumer of Volkswagen I do like their products; however, what the heck does speaking like a Rastafarian have to do with German engineering?  What about that ad made you want to buy the product?  What about that ad was ownable?  What was the brand manager thinking?  There are several other questions I have and would like answered as well.  Hopefully, the sales of Volkswagen will speak to how bad an ad this is and will get the BM to re-think his brief.

What did you all think?  Which was your favorite ad and why?  Which was your least favorite ad and why?




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